We are here to primarily  "Grace Your Space"  with our mission to offer you, fresh and modern, inspirational homeware and fashion accessories, that carry a message, to encourage you, those around you and anyone you meet . We also believe that "Words Have Power" and our products will bring a blessing to you, your home or work environment.

Good to know, is that all print designs are created in-house and therefore exclusive, to FIGIINI DESIGN, which is the sub brand under our flagship designer store SALVEI & SEAN  www.salveiandsean.com  (click link)

As well as gracing your space, our products are also perfect for gifts.

Please send us your enquiries for bulk gift items useful for groups, societies,ministries, committees and events.

FIGIINI DESIGN started off as FIG in the 80`s and under this initial label, I hand-painted and printed t-shirts, produced hand-made cards and painted items - boxes, bottles, pottery and more..some of our early customers still have some of our products! The label FIG also included a printed cushion venture aswell, which started in 2006 (which has now been included under the FIGIINI label). 

We are pleased that in 2023 FIGIINI DESIGN expanded to include a selection of purses and handbags, which has added even more for you to choose from.

We hope you have a pleasant browsing and buying experience.